Monday, October 03, 2011

Sipelot Beach

Berbagi Informasi Kabupaten Malang 

In south Malang, sub-district  tirtoyudo, precisely pujiharjo village there is abeautiful coastal beach shore Pujiharjo or also called Sipelot. Beaches that have a blackish-brown sandy beach is flanked by two coral islands so that we can not see directly the high seas.

The beach is still quiet probably because access roads to reachthere are still difficult, but the difficult path to reach the site will betreated with another clean beaches and ocean blue color.

This beach is pretty good. Rows of houses on our left looks a row.With a distance of about 500 meters from the coast seems clearline that looks raging sea waves. Waves at the beach is not so great. When viewed from the point of geography, it could be because the position of this beach is "blocked" by two headland sjutting into the sea. That is to say, this position is a gulf coast. Look natural and still has not been "touched" by many travelers and local government.

Stretch of white sand flushed look that combined with the color ofthe waves pounding sea. On the beach, sand color appears black. that understandable. Because the location of this beachis relatively quite close to the estuary where ash or lava of MountSemeru, which flows into the sea. Then taken into the sea water entering the coastal waters of this Sipelot. Because this process takes a very long time, then the color of sand on this beach  becomes blackish. But in terms of beauty, this place is very interesting to visit, because virtually no tourists who visit here.

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